California permits pharmacists to prescribe birth control

The power of a girl to buy birth control can occasionally be a hassle. She’s to visit the doctor and talk about a prescription, which takes time from a day with them. California made the procedure a little simpler by officially permitting pharmacists to prescribe birth control, and Oregon took notice.

Oregon governor Kate Brown signed a bill to permit pharmacists to prescribe birth control into law last week.

Kathy Kneer, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California told CNN, “We support efforts like these that remove obstacles to girls getting access to birth control and other reproductive health care.”

She continued by saying that hormonal contraception has been broadly accepted as save, “so safe the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has urged that it be accessible over the counter.”

Birth control will not only be handed out like cough drops, however. After girls submit to a health screening Californian pharmacists can simply supply contraceptives as well as their blood pressure is taken. Special rules never have yet been created although Oregon may also require women to be screened for possible health hazards until they receive birth control from a pharmacist.

Even though both states encourage this more easy access to birth control, they differ in a significant way in the age condition of the client. The law in California does not have any age limitation. Pharmacist birth control prescriptions are restricted by the Oregon law to women 18 and older.

Before having clearance to prescribe birth control in California, the pharmacists are required to undergo a one-hour training session that was informative. For Oregon, executive director of the Oregon State Board of Pharmacy Marcus Watt told CNN that to be able to prescribe contraceptives, pharmacists will probably need to engage in more training when compared to one hour session.

The law in California will go into effect. The law in Oregon becomes effective.