Tom Cruise Says Drugs do Not Fix Chemical Inbalances

3-time Oscar Nominee Tom Cruise is a medical expert all of a sudden. He has put together his medical treatise that has revolutionized the field of medicine. He will now be the global authority on which drugs to take and for what purposes. That is the world Tom wishes he was in, but it is far from the reality. He is a film actor, and while he has made good movies, he is not the one to determine whether you choose to take a certain medication.

It is important to note Cruise has no education in medicine. His range of medical advice mostly stems from the medical care he is able to afford due to his large wealth. This is enough of a reason not to trust the medical advice of Dr. Tom Cruise for your addiction. But, let us look at the hypothesis Dr. Cruise states and see if it holds water. We want to make sure you are not being fibbed by the good doctor.

Dr. Cruise’s Medical Diagnosis

Tom Cruise’s hypothesis is the following: drugs do not solve chemical imbalance issues. The reason being is they do not exist. That is right. Tom is going to all psychiatric medical science and alerting us to the truth of his breakthrough. He spent many hours in the science lab to find out what he has discovered. Tom states there is no science behind the emotional chemical imbalances inside people’s minds. So, what does Cruise attest this to?

Tom believes this is more of a hormonal situation than anything else. He believes this theory of his can be proven by science. What science, Dr. Cruise? Do you still think you are playing a divorced dad protecting his kids in War of The Worlds? It might be good to wonder whether Tom can separate his own reality from the films he stars in. Many people believe he is crazy. But, it is important to ask whether Tom is right?

If Tom truly believes there is not many years worth of literature to dispute his claims, you might have to wonder if he does not need psychiatric assistance. It might be a good idea for you to look at what actual medical science says. We want to make sure you do not receive any more of your medical advice from Dr. Cruise.

Dr. Cruise Seems to Have Misplaced His Medical Degree

Tom Cruise forgot he was not a doctor. He truly believes the claims about medical science he makes. But, are any of them actually true? Or is he perhaps just mentally deranged. Let us take look at the prognosis.

A chemical imbalance is defined as an imbalance in the neurotransmitters or chemicals messengers in your brain. They are not able to transmit messages as well to prevent such things as depression, schizophrenia, and other mood or behavioral disorders. Without a correct balance of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, you are not determined to be healthy. Now, Tom is not a fan of the drugs used to help re-balance the messengers.

The psychotropic drugs he rails against actual work to try and re-balance the neurotransmitters. This will improve your mood but there are not any known natural remedies to doing this. Of course, the drugs have their side effects, but they will help you in the long-term.

As discovered, Tom is no medical expert. Sure, he receives medical advice from his medical associates he pays, but he can no more determine a remedy to your situation than to someone else’s. When taking medical advice, call us to help you. Do not follow the advice of a Hollywood action star.

Where to Turn When Hollywood Medicine Fails You

As we have proven, Tom Cruise is not a doctor. He is not the one you want your kids listening to for medical advice. It is important you know that he is a paid actor, who makes money off the things he says. So, much of his behavior is a financial motive. If you do not have your friend Tom Cruise to help you out, where do you turn?

You should call Elite Rehab Placement. We will not only put you in touch with medical experts, but we will make sure your insurance is applicable to your needs. We will also give you multiple options for you to determine which one fits your comfort level.

Do not wait to call us. This could be your last chance. Once you are better, you will be able to live the life of an action star with a cool car and great career. Start feeling radical today