Learn How to Remove Acne Scars Naturally

How to Remove Acne Scars with Natural Ingredients and Chemical Peel Treatment

acnes-scar-removalBesides a string of bad memories of awkward dates and a series of misadventures what else remains with you from adolescence? Look closely in the mirror. Those dent marks scarring your cheeks, remain. Pubertine acnes are the worst kind of skin flaws. They pain like a sore mosquito bite and stick out as an embarrassment. Even when the phase of hormone-imbalanced adolescence has passed by, the scars remain as an annoying reminder. Most mothers will console you saying it will fade with time, even when you have crossed the threshold of 20. There are quite a ways to speed up the process and avoid hyper-pigmentation. However “speeding-up” does not mean “overnight”, though there are methods to get rid of dermal blotches and blemishes as quick as that as well. We will touch upon the subject later in this article. To begin, let’s explore the natural ways available:

  • Erase Acne with a Dash of Lemon

When life hands you lemons, squeeze them and use the extracts for skin purification. Natural source of citrus trumps the market hyped anti-aging and acne clearance gels by a far mile. Lemon juice has extraordinary bleaching properties which can fix blackened acne scars like Photoshop. After going through your daily skin cleansing routine, apply a masque made out of freshly squeezed lemony goodness with a sprinkle of scrubbing agents like granular bread crumbs. Leave on the masque for a few hours or overnight to wake up with a face like sunshine!


  • Apply moisturizer immediately after the wash because citrus, like all bleaching agents dry up skin
  • Make sure to dilute the lemon extract with plain water or rose water because the acidity in the them comes up to 2 on the pH scale whereas the skin pH is 4.0-7.0
  • Stay away from direct sun for a few days since the bleach. Post-bleach sun sensitivity is common.
  • Acne Removal with Baking Soda

Scour through your kitchen shelves today because you will need that baking soda which has not been baked with for quite a while. This agent is an effective one for minimizing acne scars on two to three applications only. Make a pack of soda punched with lukewarm water and masque your face with it for a few hours. Massage gently in circular motion to push the paste through the skin pores. Emphasise on the scarred areas. Rinse off with water and pat yourself dry.


  • Wash with a citrus-based soap before the application to reduce the base level in baking soda which could be hospitable for bacterial growth
  • Acne Deletion and Honeyed Glow

If you have a preference for gels over pastes, make one with honey. Don’t steal it from the kitchen storage but buy raw or manuka honey instead. Dab directly on the scars with a q-tip.


  • Honey is sticky. Apply it with a little water or else you might get your face waxed as honey masques freeze in a hard and tense plaster.

Nature is surely God’s way of treatment, but when you need a quick overnight fix, cosmetic skin clinics with scientifically approved techniques up their sleeves like chemical peel treatment in London are the best to go to.

  • Acne Scar Removal with Chemical Peel

Lesions from acne scars damage the upper skin badly. To get rid of scars from collagen damage tattoo removals, clinicians have formulated ways to remove the upper dermal cells. TCA peel treatment in London utilizing trichloroacetic acid catalyzes this removal process most immediately.

Author Bio: Leila Hayden a grooming expert by profession now in the forties is popular for providing fruitful tips. Her understanding of skin improvement with chemical peel for sun damage is noteworthy. She has received chemical peel treatment in London many times.